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Names of Model Elements
Names of model elements are used in a variety of contexts. There are two important types:
  • Technical contexts: in these contexts the names are used for unique identification throughout the system, e.g. in the source code of the software, in URLs, in the database schema, service interfaces, file and document names, etc.
  • User interface: these names are presented to users on the screen or in documents.
In technical contexts it is important that the names are robust in every siuation, to avoid failures of the future system. Since some thereby affected third party components are rather restrictive, the names can only consist of characters, numbers and 'underscores'. Specifically, they must not contain any whitespace.
The names specified directly in the BSA at model elements are always used in technical contexts.
If no additional details are supplied, these names are also used in the user interface. Of course, typically more readable names are to be used in the UI, including special characters and whitespace, and in different languages.
Such user interface names can be specified in Text Settings.