Toolkits are classes that provide socalled "tools", i.e. methods which operate on a certain single or set of target instance of a respective certain target classes.
The tool-methods have no parameters; the target instances they operate on are members of the Toolkit itself, in an array named "Targets". This stereotype defines the "Targets" member automatically.
The target classes for a toolkit are defined in the XModel property XMInteraction.ToolkitClasses.
For each Toolkit a corresponding Toolkit factory is created (standard naming convenion: Factory_XYZ). These factories can be attached to BLI workspaces. The VUI automatically creates Toolkit instances for all objects of the Toolkit target class which are found within that workspace and provides them in VUIEquipmentKits.
Finally, the UI renderer is expected to present the Toolkit operations in the near context of the instances, like e.g. in a popup menu.