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Introduction: Radical Automation of Software Production
EM/OS (Enterprise Model Operation Services) is a comprehensive system for creating and operating business software solutions. EM/OS is driven by specifications which are designed in a way so that they are easily understandable and maintainable from a business point of view.
The purpose of EM/OS is a simple one: given a clearly organised and well comprehensible set of specifications, EM/OS produces fully automatical a complete software solution, in high quality, which is ready for production. Production times of fairly amountful solutions are in the range of minutes.
EM/OS can be used in different ways: as a developer tool for a technical audience, as an embeddable engine in automated production scenarious, and last not least via our business oriented, very flexible fairyloom service.
Depending on the scenario EM/OS is operated via different user interfaces (e.g. command line, scripted, or browser based), and operates on different representations of specifications (files, database, textual, graphical, etc.).
In the context of fairyloom we call EM/OS usually just applicationloom. Thereby we want to point out that it can be successfully used by domain experts and does not depend on technical expertise. In the same spirit, the complete set of specifications used for a given solution is called lorescroll.